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Jai Stefani 1986
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we stopped in some town near Rockford at some gas station & it's pretty creepy I might die
I need someone new to vent to
I was listening to Stay and the clock on my wall fell wf
for them life has just begun, but mine is in ending
confessionnnnn : sometimes I feel bad when I step on grass bc you never know if it feels
Do plants have feelings?
I yelled the lyrics to the cha cha slide outside lmfaoo
@SippinTeacups: Reverse reverse sjdjdjfjckdnnnwoeeudhnxjxh” 😂😂 legit that's how it looks in writing 👌
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Reverse reverse sjdjdjfjckdnnnwoeeudhnxjxh
Right foot one stomp left foot two stomps tooootoolittootoododoli
If you're still awake here's a high five ✋
Loveeee that speedy cash
I feel like I'm not normal cus I can't sleep early like other people can
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Doesn't even feel like it's 2 in the morning righh now.
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my lamp is so far awayyyyy 😪
Around this part of the night you either feel on top of the world or under it
my phone fell on my face and I saw my life flash before my eyes
I really hate when someone's twitter is on private & they have reallyyyyyyy on point tweets that you can't retweet like wtf. Lmao
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welp, all the cute people are already in love with someone
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It's 1 and I'm still up. Geez I have no life.😐
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#youreahoeif When someone screams hoe, you look back. Which you would.
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I'm a slave 4 u video makes me feel all types of emotions and sensations lmfaooooo 😍😳
Idgaf Britney Spears circca 2001 was hot a'f
yes justin was right. The song has ended and I am currently naked
I like the way the move so go ahead girl do that ass shaking thing you do
Babyy boy you stay on my mind
Going back to blonde. Fuck it ✌
going back to my 80's new waver phase. Bomber jackets,docs,ripped jean jackets, and crucifixs it is
I'm willing to give anything just to forget about you
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Salma Hayeck's snake dance makes me question my sexuality 😳😍🐍💃😍🐍😍🐍💃😍😳
I want your disease I want your ugly I want to know what lurks on in your Id at night
My neighbor is blasting ignition omfg
Guys in bandanas make me hard
dreading the freshman fifteen tbh
I'm having second thoughts about college....
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