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can't believe I got Saturday off I haven't had a sat off in like a year
Say goodbye to the baddest First Lady ever in history back to a snooty old hag that will probably age like a banana.
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I need to get back into music
I just miss talking on the phone
forgiveness is a virtue
when you want to start talking to someone again, but you realize you're the one who cut it off in the first place
what we had was never consummated and it honestly kills me to say so
I'd lie & tell you that everything is going well though atthis point it wouldnt matter all the good memories have fallen through the wayside
dreaming of stability in a run down motel lying next to my suitcase full of tear stained photographs
I really miss Marissa ////:
I feel like a I dropped out of the face of the Earth
Seriously fuck everyone. Fuck literally everyone. Especially group projects. All of you. Fuck. You. I wanna go home.
all I wanna do is drown my sorrows
You beg and ask if we can see each other thereafter. There are more than enough reasons, but even though I want to, I don't know.
Te asusta la idea, de lo que puedo seducir
damn nature you scary
I seriously thought I was going to make it in the industry lmaoo
looking at my old demos make me laugh
As a gay I've learnt the hot guys have big egos and mug you off and the not so hot ones are nice but lack looks. Why can't they combine?
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lolol thanks so much ! yeah it's a really cute feature…
September is national Leukodystrophy month please help raise awareness for families and individuals afflicted by this horrid disease
lol twitter gave me balloons for my birthday! so cute
Life without your dog is like not even life anymore.
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#MexicanxsSonHermosxs Rather post this selfie of my mom bc she's the most hermosa Mexicana I know. 4yrs fighting.💕🇲M49
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a veces me siento como el catrin a veces como el borracho
The nopal only receives attention when it bears fruit.
me traes a puros brincos, como un pajaro en la rama
#MexicanxsSonHermosxs everything about being Mexican is amazing. The culture, music, food, history, and the people.
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I want to host a seance and play la loteria all while having a live Mariachi band play in the background
#MexicanxsSonHermosxs because I love my roots, I love my culture, I love my people.
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#MexicanxsSonHermosxs (here are my best selfies) Pride most definitely help you glow!! 🇲🇽�FAM1
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dinner was so much fun I'm so happy for them
not much a fan of twitter anymore I'm gonna start using instagram again
words can't describe how badly I want to work for
everyone I once considered inferior is now getting farther in life than I am
every time I hear an ambulance I belt ring the alarm in my head
sometimes I want to add a playlist to my tumblr, but I remember how tacky it is
I'm hungry, lonely, and ashamed about where my life has taken me
yay I booked my flight to Madrid
I came to the conclusion that I will never have gay friends
Some gays are just too gay sry
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I'd trade your places anyday
someone buy me asylum on dvd for my birthday
white ppl: omg lakeisha is such a ghetto name white ppl: here comes my child daffodil ginseng blueberry yogurt
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