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Alex Green
We've partnered with @TRwinchester to deliver Young Critics, a new scheme developing young critical writing:
Retweeted by Alex Green
Bopping to some Sally Army Christmas carols. #LoveIt
Comms Dino guarding our treats from the nice folks at @LondonCallingUK. (Taken two days ago... treats didn't last!)
.@CandocoYD's @RobertHesp talks about making Cando2's piece 'Her All the Time' and issues of gender in dance
Retweeted by Alex Green
Hey @CSSDLondon... Who is it behind your social accounts these days? Really enjoying it!
Covered @battersea_arts box office while #AntarcticaBAC evicted a THOUSAND TINY to wear cool hat though!
I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date... #WeeklyWednesdaySalesMeeting
'From #Legoland with Love'. Best effort at writing catchy museum labels for mystery objects at @textworkshop.
Spending the day with @textworkshop learning to write better copy... But can't escape #AntarcticaBAC.
Weekend trains are weird because there is actually the sound of people talking. I like it.
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Plugging Christmas show at local light switch on. #AllInADaysWork
Join our team: we're looking for a Marketing and Outreach Coordinator for D&D10, apply here by 24 November
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Discovered Vicar Of Dibley. #BareHilare
The annual vortex of self-loathing, AKA cutting the AMT Best Of compilation
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This is truly wonderful... how bizarre #quizoola24
Chuffed to get @ace__london support for @rhumandclay's next national tour and redevelopment of A Strange Wild Song. Brightened my Friday.
Retweeted by Alex Green
So our fire alarm keeps having short bursts of BEING A TWAT. Kill me.
Make more videos, spend more on Facebook ads, keep copy VERY short, and analyse. Sound advice from Eric @CapacityInt talk #spektrixconf
Retweeted by Alex Green
.@ChrisUnitt 'Important to fine tune Analytics out-of-box before using it.' Good point! Firstly, exclude your office IPs. #SpektrixConf
Retweeted by Alex Green
.@themacblast introduce their marketing strategy mantra: 'What would tesco do?' #SpektrixConf
Time for the pecha kucha Lightning round at #SpektrixConf GO GO GO!
'We're moving a long way from thinking of audiences as just bums on seats. That way of thinking is as crude as its language.' #SpektrixConf
Retweeted by Alex Green
Most rehearsal calls don't need to specify 'without treacle'. #treacle #StinkFoot
Retweeted by Alex Green
Calling the @CoopBankUK's call centre is like a breath of fresh air. Always helpful, speedy and actually know what they're talking about.
After missing out last time... Pumped to have nabbed tickets to #AViewfromtheBridge @youngvictheatre
Fucking hell! Drummers are even more right-wing than people who enjoy Tesco mini-poppadoms!!! How did we ever manage without YouGov
Retweeted by Alex Green
'In making WWI beautiful to flog groceries @sainsburys have disrespected millions who suffered in trenches' Discuss.…
Day three of going cold turkey with coffee. Headaches died down a little but still knackered... When will it end!
Off to Twitter HQ. I really hope it's actually an aviary.
Retweeted by Alex Green
Give interns the minimum wage, or the only young people we're training are the rich:
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After working with them twice before both here & @AccidentalFest - I FINALLY caught a @CloutTheatre show. Right up my street! LOVED it.
'And those of you who were unborn, who've lived in liberty, Remember those who made it so on the shores of Normandy' #FestivalofRemembrance
#Strictly is soooooooo dull. Jesus.
How British taxpayers' money is really spent.
I don't really do social media outrage, but I'm genuinely appalled by Quentin Letts' JOHN review. Whatever he says, it's homophobic.
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If the UK leaves the EU can I please pay the £34 a year so that I personally can stay in the EU and not be part of that bonkers decision?
Retweeted by Alex Green
Now THAT was stunning. Skips the whole punching you in the gut thing and just elbows you square in the heart. Exquisite. #DV8JOHN
AND what a lovely 'mixed audience' we're rocking tonight. Kudos @NationalTheatre kudos. #DV8JOHN
Really looking forward to this. #DV8JOHN
En route to @audienceagents for an #AudienceSpectrum Intro. After doing a ton of @CSSDLondon essays on segmentation I feel quite nostalgic.
Not convinced but absolutely ready to be converted. #UrineTown
Anyone can dance around, pretend to sing to a recorded track and stroke themselves suggestively a few times. #xfactor
Cheryl see-need-a-wee-wee.