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If some one wants to give me money to pay my debt. I would be cool with that. I wanna move to Tennessee bad
My fathers logic. Your use my lawn mower and made a profit. That is wrong. Father we hire people to cut our lawn. We don't even use it.
Well actually halo later going to head into town by my self
Well shit out of work early not much to do I hear someone calling my name. Well fuck if it isn't halo.
17 Days to Kickoff: On the 10th day of Fall Camp, Coach Pete named junior defensive lineman Tyler Horn his Cam...
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I swear family fued is a game of white vs black. Rarely ever see two of the same races competing against each other.
Halo all day? Sounds good to me. Unless someone makes plans.
19 Days to Kickoff: On the eighth day of Fall Camp, Coach Pete named redshirt senior quarterback Joe Southwick...
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Reasons i swear ❒ Papercut ❒ Stubbed my toe ✔ The gym leader uses a full restore.
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I think my father is on drugs. He just said will look at the car. :o
Why is my father such an ass wipe.
I like Pokemon, and always will. Don't judge me.
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Why the fuck do my teeth Hurt.
If I were a Nidoking, you would be my Nidoqueen.
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I just got called gay, and almost beat up for wearing a pink shirtand purple shoes. What has this world come too.
Got out of work early. What the fuck am I going to do now
Another day of nothing to do after work. Any ideas?
Won a free movie rental from redox but I don't watch movies. Anyone want it?
Since there isn't anything to do I feel like it is halo time.
You know she's a keeper if you can talk about Pokemon with her.
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Ii could play halo and pokemon all day, but guess what I'm a fucking adult who can't cause of work. #imanadult
If she likes watching Pokemon with you, wife that girl.
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