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Peter Foulger
About 7 years late ive finally finished the 2nd series of skins. Rate it so far
Mad that some people actually whinge when their train gets delayed a short while because someone's jumped under a train, no respect
A YouTube metaphor for how it feels to be a Liverpool fan right now -…
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Blasting out the old school chase & status this morning, every tune is still huge
If I worked as hard as I do the night before something's due for the other 364 days of the year I'd have straight A*s + a Lamborghini by now
Fuck it give borini a 500k contract when he comes back to liverpool
When you hear a guy say 'I can't even' you know they are a bit suspect
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Stupid thing about tattoos is if you get one thats on show you're fucked when getting a job but if you get one that's hidden no one sees it
@peter_foulger oops better find a safehouse and lay low for a while
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Best house producer in the world at the mo is @Alesso for me, never heard a bad tune
Steven Gerrard is the greatest man who's ever lived.
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This season has been absolutely unreal
I am dreaming....Liverpool....
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Someone needs to break it to these Arsenal players there's no trophy for winning today... #calmdown #getshowered
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Ow well Chris Hughton, you can go back to running you restaurant chain and drug company now
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That offside is a fucking joke
You can tell a person's maturity and mindset by the shit they put on social media.
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