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Goodbye! See you next time :D I have to take a rest :)) Maybe until Friday ^^
Get a headache! From this morning until now:'( Oh my gosh, what do I do?
Oww #SBSPopAsiaGOT7 ranked as well? I thought it was yesterday and now there is no more for this hashtag :D
Chanyeol miss old day with 12 members so does us . 😔❤�
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140711 명동 팬싸인회 맏형이랑 막내랑 ♥_♥ 둘다 귀여어..귀여워♬… #GOT7 #Mark #?? #YUGYEOM #??
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''Around the World-GOT7'' Upload your MV, pleasee @jypnation #SBSPopAsiaGOT7
#ASCQuiz: How many times does "Go Crazy" APPEAR in the "Go Crazy" M/V? Be sure to include a selca proof shot with the M/V as well!
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@IstiSho02 @B_Spensaka2014 Thoha is Aku wee 61 og :D bener toh??
[IGOT7 JAPAN MOBILE][SELFIE] 140917 Eagerness before the start of the Japan tour #Jackson Trans by Yumi♡
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@E_AnggunP Eli makasih tumpangannya :D nyampek mblasuk2 Hahhaah makasih lohhh
@B_Spensaka2014 weee ngopoee?? Tumben ._.
[HQ-Preview] 140724 엠카 특별 10주년 #MARK #GOT7 #?? @mtuan93 마크야 ㅠㅠ 난 죽엇어 엉엉어엉 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ…
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Happy Birthday to YOUNGJAE! #YJ19thBirthday #GOT7 #?? ㅎㅎ 니들 보면 완전 큐♡
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Oww Fighting iela!!! Goodluck! I always wait you in here ^^ RT @yoonaslay: @0226MFirst yes im so busy right now :(
#YJ19thBirthday #SBSPopAsiaGOT7 Happy birthday my prince!!! Wish you all the best! I hope you make a twitter account soon :D
Youngjae oppa ^^ Happy birthday to the 19th #SBSPopAsiaGOT7
#SBSPopAsiaGOT7 OMG!!! Today's Youngjae's birthday >< Youngjae oppa, i'm sorry! Last night I couldn't celebrate it bcos I have many tasks
is there for this hashtag #SBSPopAsia2PM ???
So tireddd! The school was shut down :D #SBSPopAsiaGOT7
Hellooooo I'm Back!!! #SBSPopAsiaGOT7
Tiaraaaaaa!!! I miss you so muchhh 😭@0226MFirstt
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@yoonaslay Hello iela! GoodMorning Have a nice day ^^ I just saw u on twitter. Do you have a lot of tasks, so you're rarely on twitter??
Goodnight IGOT7! #8monthswithGOT7 Always love our 7extraordinaryboys ^^ Give the best for @GOT7Official
Makasih RCTI udh nayangin TLP Ina walau sebentar udah cukup bikin EXO L seneng. Sering² nayangin konser kpop ya^^/ @OfficialRCTI #TLPinRCTI
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Tugas selesai juga Pufftt >_< Gak suka sma Kurikulum 13, lama2 otak ini bisa meledak juga kbanyakan tugas ._.
เป็นแบบนี้ไปเรื่อยๆนะ ครบรอบแปดเดือนแล้ว #GOT7????????? เย้ ~ 😁#8MonthsWithGOT77
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Berharap yg aku liat skarang adalah 7angle ku tpi, mereka belum pernah ke Indonesia :( Ya udah, sabar aja deh ^^ #8monthswithGOT7
@tirtiar hahaha okay, tir
Para pelajar kurikulum 2013 akan lupa bagaimana bahagianya tidur siang dan tidur nyenyak dibawah pukul 10 malam. Pasti.
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#8monthswithGOT7 In our 8 months of being in this fandom, for being our source of happiness and inspiration for the past months =]
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@tirtiar eh masak :O ya nanti tak cek Okay Okay