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Shay Gwalla ⛽️
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Gabby Lil Sexy Ass Just Dont Know 😍😜 She Damn Near Gon Be Bae 💯
Your So THOTFUL, Your So THOTFUL 😔👏💯
Iont need a bitch 😏👏💯 im on sum thottin shit for now on 😂👌💯
Ima stop fucking with alot of people😒💯👌
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Dont call me no hoe @g0ldtwat cuz i aint dat mf 😒 now if i called you a bitch you would be mad mf
You know wat 😡 IM SINGLE OMM 💯
*At McDonald's Drive-Thru* Cashier: Would you like extra sauce with your nuggets? Me: BITCH YOU GUESSED IT
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When Drake said, "Put the world on our sound u know PARTY & The Weeknd, ain't got no MF time 2 party on the weekend"
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Iiight she wanna be on bs im bout get on ft wit somebody else 💯
It takes 💯 hoes to equal 1 real woman 💪
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Sex Is Always On My Mind 😜 But I Be Only Wanting To Fuck One Person 😩✊💯
She prolly done moved on 😔 its ok tho she deserve better 👏💯
I'm mad #oomf ain't tell me happy b day 😞 its straight tho
I got 37 MO minutes 😁👏
Ik mfs seen i called back lastnight 😒 but its cool tho 💯
@kmichelle I wanted to fuck ya like thick ass til @souljaboy said you got that fish tank. Smh ion care how much $ you got, fix that. Lol 😭
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@kmichelle crank that shitty pussy yuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
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@kmichelle my ananconda don't want none unless u clean those shitty buns Hun 💩😩
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