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My Eyes Watery a'f .!! Trying My Best Not To Cry Cuz She My Only Love. But I Gotta Drop Ha. ;(
Wow .!! My Heart DROPPED .!! I Thought She Was Loyal (Wrong).!! Im Not Even Gon Dog Ha But She Know We Thru Fr fr
Lol.!!! #Bye SWEET DREAMS Ctfu
Man this nigga @chrisbrown is amazing fuck what you heard not one nigga can stop EM . ! #LOYAL #Banger .
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Them Relationship Problems That Never Get Solved Give Niggas A Reason To Have Trust Issues. Especially A Jealous Boyfriend
Dont Feel Like Arguing Wit Shortie Agin. Like Some Of Da Shit We Can Joke About, But You Bein Suspicious .!!! 2nd Day In A row
Im Going To Bed Pissed. My (Supposedly) Girlfriend Gon Make Me Be A Cutthroat type Of Nigga Straight #CTC . Be Doin Suspicious Shit #NoNo
Today made a year and 11 months.
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Tashia Ass Betta Not Call Back She Gon Catch Hella Dial Tones #FuckDot
Bae Ass Betta Wake Up Before I Be Sleep By Time She Call
when your mom yells at you when you weren't expecting her to get mad
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should go to da movies tonight .!!! aint been in a while #Rns
gn -_________________-
I fucked up "1" time and you hold that against me forever < As many times I done for gave you thoo
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You really wanna start this bullshit a week before you leave -_- really ?
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Dat Sneaky Shit I Aint Wit Dat. Just Be Fuckin Honest Cuz I Believe I Know Wassup Now. Folks Ass Prolly Aint Lyin #OnGod
Dat Make Me Wanna End It. How tf Yhu Dont Get Where Im Comin From. Im In Love But Im Not Fucking Blind #Rns . Tell Dat Bullshit To A Dummy
Would Call Back But Somebody Onnat Irritating Shit. Dont Even Feel Like Playin Da Game. Finna Hit Dese Sheets #Rns
Like I Hate Wen People Throw Something Old In My Face . Yea I Messed Up In Da Past But I Aint W. Dat Nomo So Cool Out
I Be Wantin So Bad To Record Sum Shit.!! Time For Me To Stop Procrastanating